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Criminal Defence For DUI, Assault, Theft, And Drug Charges

When facing a serious criminal matter, you want representation that brings extensive experience from all levels of court. Providing only dedicated criminal defence for Saskatoon and surrounding area including Kindersley, Rosetown, etc, Yarshenko & Heidinger offers the guidance and counsel your case will demand. We serve all areas of criminal law including defence for: drunk driving / DUI charges / impaired driving / exceed .08, drug trafficking and possession, as well as weapons charges, offences involving violence.

Experienced Criminal Defence, Impaired Driving Lawyers for Targeting DUI

We provide Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers for Targeting DUI, Hiring an experienced criminal defence attorney is an imperative in protecting your rights and securing your future. A DUI arrest should not be taken easily. You require the best DUI Lawyers who will work to provide you with an aggressive defence during this upsetting and often embarrassing time. Our Criminal Lawyers handle those charged with alcohol related offences, drug offences and offences involving violence and more. Criminal Lawyers Targeting DUI attorneys at Saskatoon Criminal Law providing best Criminal Defence Lawyers for DUI and we know that your first priority has to be finding smart, effective criminal or DWI defence lawyers to tell you the truth and do everything possible to protect your rights and your freedom.

Professional Impaired Driving Lawyers

Looking for Professional Lawyers regarding Impaired Driving Saskatoon? The experienced criminal driving defence lawyers at Saskatoon Criminal Law are here to help. Before pleading guilty to an Impaired Driving Offences, you should speak with an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer. Here Saskatoon Criminal Law firm providing you an experienced and Professional Impaired Driving Lawyers in Saskatoon who has the expertise and the resources to help you build a strong defence.

Contact us and let us carry our personalized, truthful, and reliable service to your case. We are committed to provide best results according to the needs and concerns of all our clients, and we only provide you the best strategies, while not giving false hope. Work with our legal team and go ahead with the assurance that your case is being handled in only your best interests.

Best Criminal Defence Assault Lawyers

Saskatoon Criminal Law provides legal information and can help you find an attorney experienced in cases involving Best Criminal Defence Assault Lawyers. Assault conviction can have extreme consequences and it varying levels of severity. They can affect your ability to find employment and to hold professional or business licenses. Once you’re convicted, you have an entry on your criminal record. They brand you as “violent” and come back to trouble you if you are ever charged of any more crime. If you are charged with assault, give yourself peace of mind by calling a top-rated assault attorney today.

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Facing criminal charges in Saskatoon or elsewhere in Saskatchewan? It is paramount that you protect your rights and future through the guidance and experience of our criminal lawyers. An arrest for impaired driving, aggravated assault, theft, or drug possession will leave you with a criminal record and will have a dire effect on your life, going forward. We are a dedicated criminal law firm serving Saskatoon and we will fight for you at every step, helping to get your life back to normal. Call today – 1-306-988-2050.