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All criminal charges are serious, and they often place a great deal of stress on the individual facing them. As dedicated criminal lawyers in Saskatoon, we understand your situation. Our firm only handles criminal law in western Canada. With decades of experience working at every level of court, Yarshenko & Heidinger brings compassion, understanding, and results to our clients. Our background and resources allow us to build a case you can be confident with, while working within the legal system for your best interests. We understand the dynamics of the local legal system, and the members that operate within its proceedings. Don’t hesitate in retaining legal counsel and give yourself a better chance at protecting your freedom and future.

Superlative Knowledgeable Saskatoon DUI Lawyers

Our Superlative Knowledgeable Saskatoon DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defence Attorney at Saskatoon Criminal Law will fight for your freedom. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics can lead to serious fines and jail time. Saskatoon DUI Attorney can help those charged with Saskatoon DUI. You Need to Protect Your Rights After a DUI Arrest. Our criminal defence lawyers will go right to work on developing and presenting your defence.

Top Criminal Defence Lawyers in Canada

Hire Top Criminal Defence Lawyers in Canada and we know that your first priority has to be finding smart, effective criminal or DWI defence lawyers to tell you the truth and do everything possible to protect your rights and your freedom. We focus exclusively on criminal law and our lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve the very best possible results in all cases.

Dedicated Criminal Defence Lawyers in Saskatoon

Focusing only on criminal law in Saskatoon, Yarshenko & Heidinger provides clients with counsel and knowledge of the legal justice system and the members within it. The following is a detailed list of cases that Yarshenko & Heidinger is dedicated to defending:

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Reach our Saskatoon criminal lawyers immediately if you are facing criminal charges related to any of the practice areas listed above. Most charges come with the potential for serious penalties or jail time and require the skilled background of Yarshenko & Heidinger’s criminal law team. Call our Criminal Defence Lawyers in Canada, if you want advice and guidance regarding your defence  +1-306-988-2050.