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Don’t hesitate to contact the professional team of drug lawyers at Yarshenko & Heidinger if you find yourself accused with drug crimes such as:

  • Possession of drug belongings charges
  • Possession of precursor (used to produce meth, ecstasy, etc.)
  • Drug manufacturing and making charges (e.g. marijuana grows ops, meth labs, etc.)
  • Cross-border drug importation charges
  • Drug possession charges
  • Gang, prepared crime, and conspiracy charges
  • Cultivating drugs charges
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking charges

There are severe consequences for drug control, drug trafficking, or drug importation convictions in Saskatchewan. Having experienced Drug Offenses Lawyers in Canada on your side is crucial if you want to maintaining your clean record and your good name. The lawyers at Yarshenko & Heidinger deal with drug charges from marijuana possession to drug trafficking and will help you navigate the difficult road through the Saskatchewan legal system. Call us today – 1-306-988-2050.

Let Our Drug Possession Lawyers Defend Your Rights in Saskatoon

There are many options when it comes to defending our clients in Saskatchewan where drug possession laws forbid the possession of illegal substances. The burden of proof lies with prosecutors as they attempt to show that you both knew about the prohibited substance and had control over that substance.

Cocaine, methamphetamines, oxycontin, pain killers, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, and other illegal recommendation drugs are all illegal to be possessed in Saskatchewan. The drug lawyers at Yarshenko & Heidinger will work tirelessly for you, challenging the validity of the evidence and how it was obtained, to make sure the police followed proper procedure and did not perform an illegal search.

The Consequences of Saskatchewan’s Drug Possession Laws

There are numerous consequences for being convicted of a lawbreaking drug possession charge, a drug importation accuse, or  drug traffic charges, such as: court-ordered treatment, fines, or serious prison sentences. To help you avoid the consequences of Drug Possession Charges, or an importation or trafficking crime, call us today and speak with our experienced drug possession lawyers. The team at Yarshenko & Heidinger will explore every possibility (by challenging your drug control arrest, the police examination, and how they collected evidence) to give you every opportunity in court.

The Trusted Drug Possession, Drug Importation, or Drug Trafficking Defence Team in Saskatoon

Don’t let a conviction for drug crimes ruin your future. Protect yourself, your career, and your family by getting tough defence against a drug conviction. The drug crime defence team at Yarshenko & Heidinger will fight for you, call us today – 1-306-988-2050.