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As with any province in Canada, the drug laws Saskatchewan is subject to state that it is illegal to cultivate, deliver, sell, traffic, or even possess marijuana. Of course, the use of marijuana is very widespread and is often regarded as an inconsequential drug, but there are people of the view that marijuana is a gateway drug that opens the door to harsher drugs such as illegal narcotics, prescription drugs, or other illegal controlled substances.

Arrests for marijuana possession are a fairly regular occurrence and an experienced drug possession lawyer can help make sure you get the best possible outcome for your drug possession charges.

Information on Drug Possession Laws in Saskatchewan

Being convicted of the charge of possession of marijuana can bring any number of penalties that vary according to the amount of marijuana that was in your possession at the time of arrest. You could be facing monetary fines or you could have to endure a lengthy prison sentence.

With considerable amounts of marijuana in your possession, you may face a drug possession charge or the charge of possession for the purpose of drug trafficking. Possession for the purpose of trafficking or trafficking marijuana can carry a serious prison sentence.

Any sentence can be aggravated if the selling of marijuana (or any other drug) occurs at or near a school. In this case, or if you were found to be enlisting a minor to traffic drugs or selling drugs to a person under the age of 16, you may face a mandatory minimum period of incarceration for your sentence.

Marijuana Drug Possession Penalties in Saskatchewan

Whether the Crown proceeds on a marijuana drug charge by way of summary conviction or treats the drug charge as an indictable offence it can potentially have detrimental effects on your life, your family, and your career. The drug crime defense lawyers at Yarshenko & Heidinger have the experience you need to defend your rights and get the fair trial you deserve.

We will work to reduce the consequences of a drug possession penalty and defend you against a cannabis possession or sale or trafficking of cannabis conviction. Our criminal law attorneys will make sure you get every opportunity to protect yourself. Call us today – 1-306-988-2050.