Alberta’s Bill 26

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Do You Travel Often, Or Work in Alberta?

Do you work in Alberta periodically, seasonally, or full-time? Alberta has put new impaired driving laws into place as of January 2012. Under Bill 26, there are now harsher consequences for driving over the legal limit. Vehicle seizures and license suspensions that are much longer in length are just some of the changes.

You need to understand the changes to Bill 26 if you have had your license suspended or your vehicle seized because of drinking and driving. Bill 26’s new DUI laws are especially important for repeat offenders. If the accused’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is .05 or higher (regardless of whether they are under the .08 BAC limit), they may face serious criminal code charges.

Harsh DWI Penalties with the Introduction of Bill 26

The new drinking and driving laws mean serious consequences for drivers with a .05 blood alcohol content. The old 24-hr license suspension has been replaced by a 3-day suspension and 3-day vehicle seizure for first offenses.

With the criminal offense of impaired driving (blowing over the legal limit of .08 BAC), first-time offenders must endure a sustained license suspension, vehicle seizure, and a criminal charge. It will also be compulsory that the convicted engage in the ignition interlock program if the charges warrant.

Life-Long Problems Come With Drinking and Driving Charges in Saskatchewan

A drinking and driving charge is a very problematic process. There are many associated costs, such as paying for the towing and impounding of the vehicle and many other related fines and fees.

Drunk driving charges mean that you can face license suspension, which can carry on while the criminal charges against you are processed. There are now sustained license suspensions when .08 BAC is involved and you may have to deal with an indefinite suspension.

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