Frequently Asked Questions About Alberta’s Bill 26 Answered For You

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Are you working in Alberta? Are you facing the consequences of the new Alberta legislation for impaired driving? January 2012 saw the remodeling of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. Take a moment to understand how the new Bill 26 will affect you.

Want to Know How Many Drinks You Can Have?

If you plan on driving, it is vital that you know how many drinks you can have and still be able to legally drive under the new Bill 26.

Alcohol consumption affects everyone differently. It is important to remember that a standard drink is defined as a single beer, glass of wine or shot of liquor. A male adult (180 lbs) could be able to ingest two standard drinks in one hour without exceeding the .05 blood alcohol (50 mg%) limit. With the average alcohol processing rate of 15 mg% per hour, one drink per hour could be safe under the law. However, with a female adult (120 lbs), this limit is reduced to less than one standard drink per hour.

You must understand that these figures are simply a guide and should not be taken as a rule for achieving a below-limit BAC and do not constitute legal advice. If you plan to be driving a vehicle, the best procedure is to refrain from drinking at all.

Want to Know More About Mouth Alcohol?

Sometimes due to belching, GERD, regurgitations, vomiting, the use of mouthwash, or the time-proximity of consuming an alcoholic beverage, breathalyzers can detect an increased level of ethanol in the system which causes a faulty representation of the blood alcohol content.  This mouth alcohol bias means that breath-tests can sometimes be mistaken or inexact.

Want to Know More About Ignition Interlock?

Some people convicted of impaired driving, refusing or failing to provide a breath sample or driving with a blood alcohol content that exceeds .08 may be required to have an ignition interlock device attached to their vehicle. The device is an individual breathalyzer that inhibits the ignition of the vehicle unless the driver’s blood alcohol content is under the legal limits in the province.

Want to Know How the Mandatory Ignition Interlock Program is Enforced in Saskatchewan?

The mandatory ignition interlock program, whether in Saskatchewan or Alberta, will be required for a minimum twelve months unless you fit within specified exceptions. In both Saskatchewan and Alberta, the duration a person potentially will be required to have an interlock device installed in their vehicle greatly increases (2-10 years) if they have blown over twice the legal limit (0.16) or it is a second, third (or more) conviction for a drinking and driving offence. These requirements may also apply to any individual who has refused to supply a breath test. It is important to speak with an experienced lawyer about the circumstances of your particular case and how you may be impacted by the mandatory ignition interlock program in the event you are convicted of a drinking and driving related offence.

More Questions About the DUI Laws in Saskatchewan?

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