Breathalyzers in Saskatoon

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Generally, police officers can request a roadside test if they believe an individual has been driving after consuming alcohol and has alcohol in their body. The Officer does not need to believe an individual is impaired, only that they have alcohol in their body and have been operating a vehicle.

Typically an Officer will use an Approved Screening Device such as a Alco-Sur or Alco-Sensor to perform the roadside test (An Officer can also have an individual complete a field sobriety test as well).

By using these alcohol testing technologies (screening devices), it is possible for the police to discover your blood alcohol content (BAC) through you providing a breath sample into the device. If it is determined that you have been driving under the influence of alcohol because you did not pass these sobriety tests, you may be moved to the police headquarters for further tests on elaborate equipment such as an Intoximeter or Intoxilyzer. These approved instruments under the Criminal Code are commonly referred to as breathalyzers.

Breath samples will be demanded through some sort of breath-testing mechanism (“approved instrument”) to allow a breathalyzer technician to evaluate the amount of milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of the suspect’s blood.

A breathalyzer reading can be altered by, but not limited to:

  • Quality of the breath sample
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Mouth alcohol bias
  • Health of the individual providing the sample
  • Calibration of the device

Saskatoon’s Procedure for Testing Blood Alcohol Content

A blood alcohol content of .08 represents the legal limit or threshold, where if exceeded, an individual may face penalties for committing a criminal offense.

It is also very important to remember that Saskatchewan’s newer provincial laws mean that a BAC higher than .04 can also have drinking and driving repercussions.

These DUI laws (commonly referred to as DWI’s as well) exist to inhibit drivers from driving a motor vehicle when an impairment like alcohol reduces the capacity for doing so.

Saskatoon’s Correlation Between Impaired Driving Penalties and Breathalyzer Results

Your breathalyzer results can have lofty consequences for you with regards to Saskatchewan’s laws, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a conviction. A negative outcome from breath-tests can spell penalties that range from vehicle seizure to a 3-day license suspension to a sustained license suspension while the criminal charges are processed.

Don’t Let This Affect Your Life

An impaired driving attorney can expertly review your file to determine if it was lawful for the police to take samples of your breath. Our DUI lawyers will also review your file to see if it is possible to challenge the results of any breathalyzer test performed. The prosecutors regularly rely on breathalyzer results for their case, so let the professionals at Yarshenko & Heidinger defend you and your right to a fair process.

If you’ve been pulled over and are facing DWI charges, a suspended license, or an impounded car, let us organize your drunk driving defense and help you prepare with our professional drinking and driving legal team. Call the leaders at Yarshenko & Heidinger today – 1-306-988-2050.