First Offence Impaired Driving

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A first offense can seem daunting. If you’ve been pulled over for drinking and driving, you probably had to endure a breathalyzer blood alcohol test. If you blew over the legal limit, you will be facing charges that require professional help.

The penalties of a first offense differ depending on your blood alcohol content. A first offense DUI can carry the consequences listed below.

.04 Blood Alcohol Content to .08 Blood Alcohol Content

The consequences of driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) that is below the federal legal limit of 80 mg (.08), but above the 40 mg limit (which means you’ve been caught driving with a blood alcohol content of less than .08, but greater than .04) are as follows:

  • 24-hour license suspension
  • 24-hour vehicle seizure

But you must also be aware of the added fees required to have your vehicle to towed and impounded when you attempt to recover your vehicle.

First Offense with Over a .08 Blood Alcohol Content in Saskatoon, Saksatchewan

It is considered a criminal charge to be driving with a blood alcohol content over .08 and, even if it is your first offense, you could be facing these consequences if you are convicted:

  • Prohibited from driving for 1-year
  • If you are working, the victim fine surcharge is normally imposed in the amount of 15% of the fine.
  • A minimum fine of $1,000
  • Even though you are prohibited for one year, you may be able to enrol in the ignition interlock program after 90 days which will permit you to drive 90 days into your one year prohibition with a restricted license

Contact Us If You Are Charged with Refusing the Breathalyzer

You will be charged with refusal/fail to comply with breath demand if you either refuse to supply a breath sample during a sobriety test (which usually involves a screening device at the roadside or an approved instrument at the station) or you fail to comply with the demand (after a number of attempts no suitable sample is provided).

A police officer who has pulled you over with the suspicion of driving with alcohol in your body can demand a breath sample and the refusal to comply carries the same consequences under the Criminal Code as being convicted for impaired driving or driving with a blood alcohol content exceeding .08 . You will need the help of a DUI defense team to make sure there is no extension of your immediate license suspension and that you get a fair trial. Call the experience team at Yarshenko & Heidinger.

You Need a Skilled DUI Defense Team

A first offense driving and driving charge doesn’t have to spell disaster. Yarshenko & Heidinger has impaired driving attorneys that will help you keep your first drunk driving offense damages to a minimum. Call us today, 1-306-988-2050.