Impaired Driving Causing Death in Saskatchewan

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Under the Criminal Code of Canada, there are no second chances for impaired driving (commonly referred to as DUI, DWI, drunk driving, and drinking and driving charges) which results in injury or death. This is a severe offense that will result in a prison sentence if you are convicted and a mandatory multi-year license suspension.

For such extreme cases, it is vital that you choose the right impaired driving lawyers. The criminal defense lawyers at Yarshenko & Heidinger have a proven track record when dealing with defending impaired driving causing death and/or drinking and driving causing bodily harm. It is important that you are aware that impaired driving charges extend to illegal drugs, narcotics, and prescription drugs, not simply alcohol.

There Are Options Regarding DUIs Causing Bodily Harm or Death in Saskatchewan

Due to the nature of accidents often involved in a DWI causing death or bodily harm offense, the accused may be incapable of delivering a breathalyzer sample in order to determine their blood alcohol content (BAC). These situations require blood samples in place of a breath sample in order to show that the accused did in fact have a BAC above the legal allowance. If this is the case, you must understand that the complexity involved in defending such a situation will require the services of a skilled criminal lawyer with significant experience with impaired driving related charges. In Saskatchewan, the team at Yarshenko & Heidinger are the ones you should call for your drinking and driving causing bodily harm or death charges.

Information on Penalties for DUI Causing Death in Saskatchewan

The effect of a conviction may be:

  • Termination of employment and further career issues
  • Inhibited to work with or care for children
  • DUI car insurance premiums increases
  • Immigration status issues
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Loss of your license
  • Mandatory treatment programs or DUI classes

Regardless of whether it is your first offense or not, you will likely face a prison sentence for impaired driving causing bodily harm or causing death.

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