Out Of Province DUI

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Call Us if You Are an Out-of-Province Resident Charged with Drunk Driving in Saskatoon

It is not uncommon for people to be arrested for drinking and driving or impaired driving while visiting, vacationing, or travelling for work in Saskatchewan. But just because you are from another province doesn’t mean being arrested for a DUI is any less problematic.

An arrest or conviction in Saskatchewan can still have devastating effects on you in your home province. You could still lose driving privileges if you don’t contact experienced DUI lawyers in Saskatoon to help you deal with these charges. Having a team that understands the law is the only way to improve your changes of a successful outcome.

Out-of-Province Impaired Driving Charges And Penalties in Saskatchewan

Unfortunately, the province that has issued your driver’s license has every right to suspend your license and, under certain circumstances, revoke it. Even in the case of an out-of-province DWI, your home or issuing province can limit your driving privileges. Saskatoon criminal lawyers can defend your DUI case in Saskatchewan and help you if you’ve been charged with drinking and driving.

Get Protection Through Our Out-of-Province DUI Lawyer

Being arrested for impaired driving, exceeding .08 and/or refusal/failure to provide sample (commonly referred to as a DUI, DWI, or any other drinking and driving offenses) can be a very difficult and costly procedure in Saskatoon. If your license is not from Saskatchewan and you are facing charges, call Yarshenko & Heidinger today and find out how our impaired driving defense team can prepare your drunk driving defense and work to protect your driving privileges. Call today – 1-306-988-2050.