Second Offense Impaired Driving

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Alberta and Saskatchewan have relatively recently introduced provincial legislation, which allows for much harsher consequences for impaired drivers who are facing their second offense. Vehicle seizure, mandatory remedial program attendance, and license suspension are all forms of punishment under the newer laws. Which consequence you face will depend entirely on where you fall on the blood alcohol content scale. Falling in the.04 blood alcohol content to .08 blood alcohol content range will mean different penalties than if you fall over the .08 blood alcohol content limit.

.04 Blood Alcohol Content to .08 Blood Alcohol Content

If this is your second drinking and driving offense or charge, these penalties may apply to you:

  • 7-day vehicle seizure
  • Mandatory Planning Ahead course
  • 15-day license suspension

Individuals also need to be aware of the added costs of having had your vehicle towed and impounded when you attempt to recover your vehicle. There will also be fees and charges for the obligatory remedial program you must attend.

Questions About a Second Offense DUI with Over .08 Blood Alcohol Content in Saskatoon?

A breath sample of over .08 on the breathalyzer test now has much more serious consequences under Saskatchewan and Alberta’s newer laws:

  • 3-year mandatory ignition interlock upon conviction, depending on circumstances
  • Sustained license suspension until criminal charges are resolved
  • 7-day vehicle seizure

As per the points above, you should also be aware of the added costs of having had your vehicle towed and impounded when you attempt to recover your vehicle. There may be other penalties that could affect your life as well, such as a year-long license suspension that could be extended indefinitely.

Information on Refusing a Breathalyzer in Saskatchewan

There are consequences under the Criminal Code if you avoid supplying a breathalyzer test sample. You could be charged with impaired driving and refusing to provide a sample and could face many penalties, such as instant suspension of your license and potentially a lasting criminal record. Call us – whether it is for a quick resolution or lengthy court trial we can help. Only specialized DUI lawyers can help you avoid lifelong damages, call Yarshenko & Heidinger today.

Facing a Second Conviction for a DUI Offense in Saskatchewan?

If you are convicted of a second drinking and driving offense (within 10 years), you will potentially be facing a prison sentence and a multi year driving prohibition. In addition, with the new Saskatchewan provincial laws, you may be subject to being a participant in the ignition interlock program on a restricted license for a minimum of three years. Only a drinking and driving defense team can help you through the process of defending yourself, so call today to help get your charges withdrawn, win your trial, or in a worst case scenario reduce your jail time and get the best possible outcome.

Don’t Lose Your License

Getting your driving privileges suspended because of an impaired driving conviction or losing your license altogether will affect your lifestyle substantially. A drinking and driving conviction (whether it involved an accident, death, bodily harm or not) and other related charges such as a refusal could have the following consequences:

  • Termination of employment and career issues
  • Mandatory treatment programs and/or DUI classes
  • Immigration status issues
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Loss of license
  • DUI car insurance increases
  • Inhibited ability to work with or care for children

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Being arrested/charged with impaired driving (commonly referred to as a DUI, DWI, driving drunk) or refusal/failing to provide a breath sample can all have a serious effect on your career, your family life and your future. An experienced DUI lawyer at Yarshenko & Heidinger can help you today – 1-306-988-2050.