Violent Offenses

Yarshenko & Heidinger

At Yarshenko & Heidinger, we have experience successfully defending our clients charged with violent offences, from assault and weapons charges, to sexual assault and murder.

Violent offence convictions can carry stiff penalties ranging from court-ordered treatment programs, to extensive fees and fines, to jail time. It is critical that you let the team from Yarshenko & Heidinger, prepare your case for trial. A criminal record will follow you wherever you go—although, once you have a violent crime or a weapons charge on your record, it’s unlikely you will be going anywhere outside of Canada.

Violent Crime Offenses in Saskatoon

If you have been accused of domestic assault or some other form of violent Offenses, put an experienced defence lawyer on your side. We provide an experienced and dedicated criminal defence Lawyers for Violent Crime Offenses in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada.

We know how to argue your case to have your sentence reduced—or even to have the charges against you dropped. The violent crimes defence lawyers at Yarshenko & Heidinger are here for you – 1-306-988-2050.